6 Summer Activities to do with Kids


Summer is a wonderful time – blue skies, sunshine, tempting seas, even more tempting ice creams… there’s not much better than that!

But if you’ve taken the kids out of childcare for a summer break you might find that they’re bouncing off the walls without their regular routine. In case you’re counting the days until their back at daycare, the team at Learning Tree has created a list of 6 activities to do with kids this summer.

1: Go to the Beach – Prepared

Taking a Kiwi kid to a beach isn’t exactly rocket science, but the key is being prepared. We love beach days at daycare, but they’re only successful if we’ve brought plenty of towels, a sun umbrella, sunscreen and hats. It’s also a good idea to line a chilly bin with ice and pack water, juice, sandwiches, snacks and cut up fruit – you don’t want a hangry kid to ruin beach day. And finally bring some toys to occupy the kids, like a ball and sand castle toys.

2: Make a Sundae Bar

Instead of buying an ice cream which occupies the kids for all of 10 minutes, get the wee ones involved in creating a Sundae bar. When they are the ones choosing flavours and toppings, putting the options into bowls and setting up the bar, they’ll be busy for ages.

3: Scavenger Hunt

Another childcare favourite, this activity takes a bit of planning but is well worth it! Creating a scavenger hunt can keep the kids entertained for hours and, if you’re ambitious, this can be done with friends at a nearby park, but hiding some toys around the house and yard will be heaps of fun all the same.

4: Nature Walk

Get fresh air without baking under the hot sun by going for a nature walk in the bush. Nature has a magical quality of calming people down – both adults and kids – and is a wonderful, outdoors activity in summer.

5: Get Gardening

Many childcare centres have gardens because you’re never too young for green thumbs. Best in the morning or late afternoon when you’re out of the midday heat, you’ll be surprised to see your toddler smile as he pulls weeds, waters plants with a wee watering can and help harvest veggies.

6: Pick Berries

Summer in New Zealand is filled with fresh, colourful, seasonal berries. Take your little ones out of Auckland to a nearby blueberry or boysenberry patch and watch the joy on their faces as they pluck fresh berries straight from the vine.

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