Benefits of Outdoor Play in the North Shore


Outdoor play is one of the most important parts of a youngster’s education. It encourages imagination, fosters a connection to nature and lets children express themselves through running, jumping and sometimes even yelling – things that are often discouraged indoors.

Living in the North Shore, we are so lucky to have many wide-open spaces and access to beautiful beaches and parks all while still living in bustling Auckland. We at Learning Tree Childcare in the North Shore are proud of our centres’ commitment to outdoor play – and here’s why.

Developing Skills

Outdoor play allows young ones to develop many qualities that can’t be ‘taught’ through traditional daycare lessons. Exploration, motor skill development and taking risks are all best achieved through experimenting in the great outdoors. At Learning Tree Childcare, we love watching children’s outdoor exploration lead to learning.

A Break from Screens

Outdoor play halts the digital bombardment that our children are accustomed to. Spending time doing even the simplest of tasks outdoors in the beautiful North Shore – going for a walk, collecting rocks, watching the water – gives them a break from the television, computer, tablet and phone screens that so often surround them.

Physical Activity

Everyone, from infants to the elderly, needs physical activity. Exercise promotes healthy cardiovascular systems, mental health and motor skill development. Youngsters who engage in plenty of physical activity tend to grow into more active children and adults, so it is building a lifelong healthy habit. Knowing that your littles ones have spent time outdoors during daycare means that, even if you have a busy evening ahead, you can rest assured that they have gotten some exercise and a chance to blow off steam.

Understanding the World

The teachers at Learning Tree Childcare in the North Shore love watching wee ones start to understand the world around them. During outdoor play at daycare, they discover the feeling of sand, grass and dirt; they observe plants growing in nature; they experience sunshine, shade and wind. These are the primary building blocks of their comprehension of the wider world.


Last but not least, playing outdoors is fun! As parents, a happy child is a top priority right after health and having fun is a sure way to foster happiness in everyone from babies to adults. At daycare, outdoor play is often when children have the most fun!


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