Helping Children Channel Their Aggression


Many children will have moments of aggression, however some kids have violent aggressive behaviour that is extremely challenging. What are the indicators you need to look out for and how can you understand and manage your child's aggression issues?

Firstly, try to identify the possible causes of the child's aggressive behaviour. Typically, causes will come under one of the following - temperament, stress and anxiety, or environment. 

Are there family stresses that your child may be experiencing? Could they be scared or feeling overwhelmed by something? They may also be copying someone else's behaviour or they could simply be tired or hungry.

Image for Children with Aggression

Understanding the causes of aggression gives you tools to start dealing with them. You can learn how to help your child work through their difficult feelings and fears so they aren’t so easily triggered. For young children, the most effective approach is to redirect their attention. Give them something they can safely hit or bite, like a drum or teething toy.

You can help toddlers begin to understand their actions can hurt others by teaching them a word like “ouch!” to use whenever they hurt themselves. Use the same word when they hurt others to help them make the connection with feelings of pain.

Some parents have discovered that changing their children's diet such as removing colourings and additives or even gluten has noticeably improved their behaviour. 

Whatever the causes, teaching children how to control their behaviour can be hard work so don't be afraid to ask for help.

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