How to Help Children Embrace the Great Outdoors this Winter


In summer it’s easy to keep kids busy, but as the weather in Auckland goes south and the sunshine hours get shorter, it can feel like you’re all cooped up indoors with little to do. Well, at Learning Tree childcare, we don’t let a little rain, wind or cold keep us inside. Fresh air is as important as ever, so instead we follow these tricks to help children get the most out of the outdoors. And you can try them at home, too!

Layer up

The key to enjoying time outdoors is comfort – nobody has much fun when they’re too cold or too hot. The tricky thing about autumn and winter is that one moment it’s cold, the next the sunshine returns. Combat the confusion by dressing your children in layers that you can take off or add on with ease so they can continue to run and bike, dig and build in comfort.

Jackets and hats

Jackets and hats are a winter necessity. No matter what the day starts out like, we recommend children come to daycare with a jacket and hat so that even if the weather turns, they have everything they need to stay nice and warm.

Talk about nature

Instead of wishing the wind or rain away, learn to embrace the differences that the cooler months bring. By talking about nature and seasons, you can pique your children’s interest and encourage them to get outside in all sorts of weather. At daycare, children are always fascinated when we explore concepts like clouds and dew, falling leaves and wet weather bugs.

Beaches, playgrounds and gardens

Outdoor summer favourites don’t shut up shop in winter: Auckland’s beautiful beaches, epic playgrounds and stunning gardens are still open. But in the off-season, there’s the added benefit of having to share them with fewer people!

Get outdoors, too

Like eating broccoli or reading a book, sometimes modelling is the best way to change a child’s behaviour. At daycare, it wouldn’t work if the teachers sent children out to play while we watched over them from the warm indoors. No, we have to get out there too, jump in those puddles and dig in the sandpit, proving that fun that can be had regardless of the weather. And don’t worry, once you get them started, you can probably head back inside to warm up a little!

If you’re looking for an Auckland childcare centre that embraces the great outdoors all year round, get in touch with Learning Tree today.


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