Benefits of Exposing Children to Science and Nature


In our modern, urbanised world, we would all benefit from more time in nature and with kids that's especially true. The benefits for children of connecting with nature are well documented now.

Recent studies have found play in nature is especially important for developing capacities for creativity, problem-solving, and intellectual development. The idea is that children at play are testing theories. They imagine ways the world could work, predicting patterns of data and comparing them with what they actually see. Pretend play makes our kids smart.

Image for Kids and Science and Nature

That's why exposure to natural settings is said to enhance cognitive abilities in children, increasing their ability to focus and improving academic performance. Studies in school playgrounds found that children engaged in more creative and collaborative forms of play in the green areas, and a 2005 study by the American Institute for Research showed that students in outdoor science programs improved their science testing scores by 27%. 

There are lots of fun interactive activities to encourage your kids to learn about nature and science. Create your own rainbow using a glass of water and light from the sun with a fun science experiment. Teach your kids about seed germination by planting seeds in soil, taking care of them as they sprout and recording how they grow. Or try a nature based treasure hunt- collecting different interesting objects to bring home for your science table. 

For young learners, science and nature are just an extension of their everyday world. Young children will naturally wonder, discover, explore and learn through play and it's good for them! 

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