Extended Hours at Apollo Drive Offers Parents Greater Convenience


Being a parent has never been easy. As well as balancing your work duties in the office with your responsibilities at home, you also need to organise childcare and fit in quality family time. It's a constant juggle. That's why Learning Tree Apollo Drive offers extended opening hours.

Finding a quality childcare centre that you trust is a great start but a top childcare provider that also offers flexible hours can make all the difference to balancing those work and family commitments. 

Many Auckland parents often struggle to drop off and pick up their children at childcare centres within the normal childcare hours that are offered by most childcare centres. Seeing this inspired Learning Tree Apollo Drive to make life easier for families with extended opening hours.

Open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Apollo Drive's extended opening hours will provide flexibility for parents who have early starts or late finishes, providing childcare that fits around you, your working hours, and the 101 other things parents have to squeeze into the day. 

Now you can have a great learning environment, state of the art facilities and reduce your stress, thanks to the convenience of the Apollo Drive childcare centre's extended hours.

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