Tips to Ease the Childcare Morning Drop Off Routine


Mornings are frantic. They always were, but having children to drop off at childcare has taken hectic mornings to a whole new level. We have to get ourselves and our children dressed, fed and out the door, all before battling Auckland traffic.

At Learning Tree Childcare Centre, parents often tell us how challenging the drop off routine can be, so we have put together some tips to ease the morning rush.

Goodbye Guilt

First and foremost, ditch the all too common mum (or dad) guilt. You are leaving your child at a childcare centre where they will be nurtured and cared for, having fun in a safe and enriching environment. Still feel guilty? Remind yourself again and again and again until the guilt is gone!

Take Care of Yourself Too

Don’t neglect your own needs in the mornings. Modelling is often more beneficial than describing behaviour – by showing your kids that you take care of yourself and value calm and wellbeing in the mornings, they will learn this trait too.

Goodbye Routine

Many kids flourish with strong routines – they prime children for the day ahead and the consistency helps prepare them for the transition. Do the same thing each time you say goodbye to them at childcare, whether it’s a hug and a kiss or a high five, a silly quote of the day or a simple “I love you, kiddo.”

Know your Child

Some children need to share their childcare environment with their parent, showing off a craft or exciting activity. For these kids, spend time looking around daycare before rushing off. For others, having mum linger only makes it harder to let go, so for these kids a quick goodbye outside works better. Your childcare teacher is happy to help you figure out what method is best for your individual child.

Talk about the Day Ahead

The transition from home to childcare is not too different from your own switch from home to work. Once you get there you’re happy, but the lead up is daunting. Support the transition by talking about the day ahead. Ask what their favourite activity is, what friend they are excited to play with, which teacher they can’t wait to see. This technique is great on Mondays or for children who aren’t at childcare every day of the week, as they can forget about all the fun after a day or two off.

With five early childcare centres across Auckland, the teachers at Learning Tree know mornings are busy. We’re happy to chat with any parent wanting additional help making the drop off easier on you and your child.

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