Five Tips to Make the Childcare Transition Easier on Mums and Dads


Childcare is a wonderful place for your child to grow, learn and develop in a safe environment. While young children often slide easily into a childcare routine, the transition from home life to daycare can be very challenging for new parents.

Here at Learning Tree Childcare we have seen our fair share of mums and dads struggling to say goodbye to their precious bundles each day, so we have come up with five tips to ease the transition.

Say Goodbye to Guilt

One of the hardest things for previously at-home parents returning to work is the guilt of being away from their child. Over here at Learning Tree, we do not believe in Mum Guilt! Whatever you choose to do is best for you and your child – don’t compare to other mums who may appear to be taking everything in their stride. And remember, when you leave your child at our centre, they are in the capable and caring hands of early childhood educators trained in – and passionate about – caring for young children.

Ease Into It

You’re used to spending all day long with your wee one, so a whole day apart is challenging. If possible, ease into your new routine by taking some split days between home and childcare. Whether you want to take a month-long transitional period or only have a day or two before returning to work, easing into full days apart can help you adjust without too much of a shock.

Reclaim the Weekend

When you stayed at home each day, there was little distinction between weekday and weekend. Having your child in daycare offers the opportunity to reclaim the weekend, like before having kids. The weekend can become family time, adventure time and relaxing time, and you might find that its magic returns!

Come in for a Visit

Sometimes, especially in those very first few days of leaving your child at childcare, the days can be long, hard and lonely. If you are at home or work nearby, you are always welcome to come in for a visit. Knowing that you can pop in and see, cuddle or feed your babe can make the transition that much easier.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

If your child is older when you first leave them at childcare, engage with them and keep that bond alive by asking open-ended questions about their day at daycare. “Who did you play with?” “What was your favourite activity?” “What teachers did you talk to?” These questions start a dialogue and will help give you a glimpse into the daily life of your child.


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