Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Children


Kids start developing their eating habits at a very young age. The taste of crunchy, sweet or salty foods is attractive to all of us but if you start promoting healthy eating habits at an early age, your kids will be off to a great start. Give these healthy eating tips a go.

Kids are attracted to bright colours so one way of making healthy eating fun is to incorporate a range of fruits and vegetables of all different colours into their diets. It's a great way to get them to try new things and think about their food in a different way.

It may seem counter intuitive but don't cut out the treat food - not completely. Limit less healthy food and make it clear it is a treat. Forbidding something can just make it seem even more appealing.

Get your kids used to a routine of regular mealtimes. By not skipping meals such as breakfast, and sitting down to family dinners, kids are less likely to need to snack and be tempted by unhealthy snack foods. They're also more likely to continue this habit when they’re older. Be sure to help minimise your child's intake of sugary drinks as this will help prevent repeat trips to the dentist for fillings and other dental care.

Have fun cooking with your kids. Get them involved in planning or preparing their meals and they'll not only have a better understanding of their food but they'll almost certainly be more interested in eating it. 

Be a good role model. Your own food choices will be sending a message to your kids about healthy eating and looking after their teeth as well. If the parents are enjoying a healthy balanced diet along with some physical exercise, your kids will pick up the same habits without even realising. 

Here at Learning Tree childcare in Westgate, we help install healthier eating in our children and help them understand the importance and benefits of this.

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