How Music Assists a Child’s Development


Music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole of the brain. Consequently, music has surprising benefits for child development, not only for learning language, improving memory and creativity, but also for physical coordination and development. Learning to play a musical instrument can make kids smart. 

A 2015 study from University of Queensland Australia suggests that engaging in informal music activities with your toddler helps them acquire positive social skills, and improves attention focus and numeracy.

Another study from the University of Toronto, 2004 showed the IQ’s of young students who had weekly music training rose more than their untrained peers. The author suggested it may be due to the multidimensional nature of learning music such as memorising, expressing emotion, and learning about musical interval and chords.

For similar reasons it's also thought music education and music making helps children with mathematics and increased language skills. Musical activities improve children’s ability to process speech sounds and recognise patterns and proportions. 

Physically, music gets children moving and dancing, helping to develop their balance and coordination, as well as improving their fine motor skills as they play the instrument.  

At Learning Tree childcare, our great teachers are fully committed to providing a nourishing environment in many different ways to help foster the development of your child. 

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