Preparing Your Child for School Life


The first day at school means a new environment, new routines, new children to meet and socialise with and the introduction of school work. It's no wonder it can feel daunting for young children - not to mention the parents who commonly spend the day worrying about them.

Here are some recommendations of how you can help your child's transition from early childcare to school.

Visit Beforehand

Arrange to make some visits to the classroom before the official first day. You'll all get a chance to experience the school for the first time without some of the pressures of the first day. It can really help your child if the new environment has some familiarity.

Teach them Names

Help them settle in by teaching them the name of their teacher in advance. It can also be helpful if children arrive able to write their name. If they can’t then teaching them to be able to read their name also reduces stress.


It can be comforting for both you and your child when you know other children who are already attending the school or will be soon. Your childcare centre may feed many of its children into the same schools.


Stay as long as you feel your child may need. It can help to pick a natural break, maybe after the roll is called or after a play break.

Stay Calm

Remember you're the parent! The first day of school is a significant milestone and can be emotional but it'll be easier for everyone if you can be the calm adult your child needs.

With your help and a little preparation your child will be relaxed and ready for their exciting new school life.

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